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vehicle/contents releases:

monday - friday   8:30am - 5:00pm




     ALL Manitoba Public Insurance auction vehicles MUST have a GATE PASS (vehicle pull-out sheet) or a BILL OF SALE before they can be released to the new owners. Please email all documents to



     In order to have a vehicle released from the compound, you must provide ONE piece of photo identification (drivers licence, passport, etc) or TWO pieces of non-photo identification (health card, Social Insurance card, birth certificate, etc)

Loading fees

     There is a loading fee if the vehicle you are picking up is not driveable, and you need our assistance loading it onto a trailer or car carrier.



Please be cautious of moving vehicles and equipment in yard when entering


NO smoking is permitted within the compound.


A staff member will escort you to your vehicle.


A safety vest must be worn by all visitors to the compound.


No vehicles will be permitted to enter the compound at any time.


A maximum of TWO visitors will be permitted into the compound.


No photography will be permitted within the compound.


Rude, discourteous or abusive behavior will not be permitted.


Appropriate footwear is recommended for weather related conditions in compound.


Shoveling may be required in winter months, additional charges will be applied for winching.


We will not be held responsible for low tires, dead batteries, dirty vehicles, damages, etc.


You may want to speak to office staff regarding options for boosting and tire inflation.


Vehicles will NOT be released to persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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